Optimas Paver Laying Machine S19

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  • Don't you need something unique, to be an international market leader?

    Optimas presents the world's most modern paver laying machine:

    S19 - Ergonomic. Economical. Powerful.

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Paver Laying Machine S19
Our PaveJet S19 paving machine scores with its optimized further development based on the... more
Paver Laying Machine S19

Our PaveJet S19 paving machine scores with its optimized further development based on the knowledge gained over the last 4 decades. We know the demands on small and large construction sites and are in constant contact with our customers and can therefore build the perfect machine for today's requirements. Our PaveJet S19 has been given a completely new look by a renowned industrial designer.

The majority of our pavement laying machines are manufactured order-related, so that the respective customer requirements such as clamp options and extras like e.g. cabin, heating, 4-wheel-drive or even an individual painting can be integrated into the production process.

The S19 PaveJet installs pavers and slabs extremely fast and precise with a perfect joint pattern. 

No matter whether on small or large construction sites, the perfect combination of the 2-axle turntable steering and the endless grab turning gear means that the machine is always optimally usable. Whether laying in underground car parks or picking up stone layers from pallets on top of each other with a height of 2.60 m - there is no limit.

You can confidently put the issue of staff shortage away. The PaveJet S19 is a reliable employee who quickly becomes popular and pays off.

Many arguments speak for the PaveJet S19:

  • the simple operation and the open design 
  • revised hydraulics and improved driving characteristics - now even more sensitive, better dosage and easier to drive
  • all steel parts powder-coated in RAL 2004 (very resistant and durable).
  • Roof, front panel, side panels and bonnet made of glass fibre reinforced plastic in colour RAL 2004 (high strength, UV-resistant, weatherproof and rustproof)
  • user-friendly, a high-quality work result can be effortlessly achieved also after an 8-hour working day.
  • agile due to the proven geometry
  • stable and mobile even with a high shift of the centre of gravity
  • short-term amortisation of the investment - long operating life of the S19 PaveJet
  • enormous effectiveness for contractors - very motivating for the worker.
  • The S19 PaveJet is fast... with optimum site organisation, it installs the pavers in 20-second cycles.
  • Installation of more than 1000 m² (10.000 ft²) per day possible

Also available with pure ELECTRIC DRIVE: PaveJet S19E 
For information on the PaveJet S19E , click here.

Standard Edition: Paver-Clamp Multi6 M, find detailed information  here... more

Standard Edition:

  • Paver-Clamp Multi6 M, find detailed information here
  • Hydraulic Tap Down device on Paver-Clamp for a perfect joint pattern
  • Continuous clamp rotation gear
  • Joystick
  • Semi-automatic
  • Steering column, adjustable
  • Foot pedals adjustable
  • Seat adjustable
  • 4-cylinder diesel engine Kohler LDW1404
    (Engine below 19 kW - trouble-free operation in low emission zones)
  • hydrostatic drive
  • 2-axle turntable steering
  • Storage space/board tool kit
  • Painting: All steel parts powder coated RAL 2004. Roof, front panel, side parts and bonnet made of glass fibre reinforced plastic in colour RAL 2004 (pure orange)
  • LED headlight package (1 front light, 2 working lights and 1 reversing light) incl. daytime running light
  • LED warning beacon
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Bottle holder
  • 12 Volt connection + USB charging socket
  • Central lubrication
  • Hour counter, cycle counter
  • Revolution counter
  • Wide tires

A detailed description of the basic equipment can be found in this overview here.

Exclusive Edition (Standard Edition + following equipment)

  • Cabin: Front windscreen can be opened. Safety glass all round, interior lighting, doormat.
  • Heating with 2-step blower
  • Automatic: all clamp functions are performed automatically
  • Two-stage boom – work in the underground car park and clamping of 2 packages.
  • Mobile phone holder

We offer the following package:
(only available with Exclusive Edition)

  • Comfort seat with air suspension and heating.
  • Radio with Bluetooth hands-free unit. 
  • Heatable outside mirror

In addition we offer optional:

  • Special painting (Painting in all RAL colours possible. On request, we will be pleased to supply in your company colour)
  • Joystick - Steering
    In addition to the steering wheel. Integrated in the left armrest.

    Easy and intuitive to use. Steering wheel removable.
    See video here
  • Joystick for "lifting / lowering" function 
    In addition to the foot pedal. Integrated in the right armrest.
    The " lifting/lowering" function can be controlled by both the foot pedal as well as the joystick.
    See video here
  • All-wheel drive 4x4 incl. anti-slip, switchable
  • Particulate filter (complies with TRGS554)
  • Rear view camera incl. 7" monitor
  • Reversing signal
  • Additional hydraulic connection (for e.g. Clean Sweeper)
  • Loading lugs

A detailed description of the optional equipment can be found in this overview here:

The Paver-Clamp Multi6 M is part of the standard equipment. It can be infinitely adjusted to all stone formats, stone layers and stone thicknesses.
Find detailed information to our Paver-Clamp Multi6 M here.

Attachments for Optimas PaveJet S19 Paving  here Kerbing  here... more

Attachments for Optimas PaveJet S19

Height: 1.970 mm
Length: 3.900 mm
Width: 1350 mm
Weight: starting at 1.490 kg (3,285 lbs) depending on configuration
Lifting capacity: 700 kg (1.540 lbs)
Engine: Diesel engine, 4-cylinder, water-cooled with electric ventilation, 17.9 kW (24.3 hp), soundproofed. Meets EU Stage V and TIER IV final (USA) exhaust emission regulations, no restriction in low emission zones as engine power < 19 kW.
Other: Oil cooler; hydrostatic drive with single-pedal control, 2-axle turntable steering, rear axle with independent pendulum suspension, hydrostatic parking brake , Tank 45 l Diesel, Steel parts powder-coated, roof, front panel, side panels and bonnet made of GFK-parts RAL 2004 (pure orange) CE - marked
Scope of application: Paving
Type of product: Machine

In our instruction videos, we explain to you how to adjust the Paver-Clamp correctly and safely.

First watch the instruction videos and then start working.

Optimas Paver-Clamp Multi6 M:

  • Tutorial 1/3 – Adjustment of gripping dimension
  • Tutorial 2/3 - Adjustment of gripping height
  • Tutorial 3/3 - Adjustment of aligning bars
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