Optimas Placing kerbs and gutter stones

Placing kerbs and gutter stones
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Optimas Vacu-Pallet-Mobil - placing kerbs Vacu-Pallet-Mobil
The Mulitalent carries 1600 kg and up to 1.32 mtr. wide pallets and installs the conveyed goods at the same time.
Optimas-Vacu-Pallet-Mobil-E: Bordsteine setzen mit E-Antrieb Vacu-Pallet-Mobil E
With electric motor! Zere emission. Quiet. Powerful.
Working in conjunction with a wheel loader, the Optimas Vacu-Lift performs pallet transport and weightless, exact and economical paver laying for concrete and natural stone elements of up to 140 kg in weight, using the integrated vacuum hose lifting equipment. Vacu-Lift H / P / D
The lowest-priced variant of Vacuum tube lifter becomes a multitalent in combination with a wheel loader with a pallet fork
A multiflexible attachment for placing kerbs, palisades, lawn grids, boulders, etc.
The Optimas “BE” vacuum device is a vacuum device designed for use with the paver laying machine for laying concrete and granite kerbstones and concrete and granite pavers or gutter stones. Vacuum device „BE“ on Paver Laying Machine
Vacuum attachment for placing concrete and granite kerbs as well as concrete and granite slabs or gutter stones.
Kerb-Screed Kerb-Screed
With the Optimas Kerb-screed, you quickly and easily prepare the concrete bed for kerbs.