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Optimas – Winter-Kit

As of now, Optimas has 12 month season! You can now work with Optimas equipment all year around!

Rear Spreader Optimas H88

This spreading technology offers you the opportunity to apply grit, such as salt, chips, and sand finely dosed and evenly. The expenditure for salt, and consequently also the effects upon the environment, is considerably reduced by this technology.

Spreader features a spreading width of 0.8 - 6 m and is powered by 12 Volts. Spreading quantity can be continuously adjusted even during travel from the control elemnt located in the driver cabin. A filling level indicator with both acoustic andf optical signal is integrated. It also features a monitoring function for the slider, stiring unit, and the drive engine. One-sided spraying is possible. The storage container is transparent and features a capacity of 170 litres (approx. 220 kg of salt). The frame, slider, and spreading disc are made of high grade steel!!! A special watertight stirring technology warrants for an even material flow.
The feed in the spreading material container is ensured. A separate engine actuates a slowly turning stirring unit. This ensures that the stirring unit will operate even at very viscous material. The engine can not be overstrained. This in particular keeps settled or sharp-edged material in a free-flowing condition. The salt deployed should be free-flowing when charged. As mixtures of salt and sand have a tendency to bridge in the container, we recommend not to mix these materials.

Technical Data:

Dimensions (L/W/H) incl. Receptacle

1000 / 900 / 1120 mm
Weight 52 kg
Storage Capcity Salt approx. 220 kg
Surface Output at 20 g/m² approx. 10.000 m²


Snow Plough Shield for Optimas H88

Equipment: Spring flap segments and Vullkolan edging. Features mechanical adjustment of the side flaps and height-adjustable skids.

Technical Data:



Ploughing Width straight / slanted

144 cm / 124 cm
Weight incl. Receptacle 133 kg
Height 50 cm

Wheels (1 pair) including RUD Snow Chains

The mounting of the snow chains is generally recommended, if the Optima H88 is deployed for winter service.