Clean Sweeper

The Optimas clean sweeper is a high-performance sweeper attachment for the Optimas paver laying machine. Whether needing to sweep a fresh paving surface or your own business premises, the sweeping machine provides a further extension to the paver laying machine.

The clean sweeper is fitted to the fore axle quickly and easily. Simple mechanical inclination 20 ° to the right and left.


The universally-deployable and hard-wearing PP roller brushes picks up both coarse soiling and fine particles quickly and easily.

Basic configuration:

  • Brush bristles Ø 520 mm,
    100 % PP full brush roller
  • Mechanical lateral adjustment
  • Splash guard
  • Drive via high-performance hydraulic motor
  • Height-adjustable Stabilizers: Ø 200 x 50 mm


Dirt collection container:
The swept material can also be collected in a collecting container (optional with 160 L volume).

Wheel loader fitting:
The Optimas sweeping machine can also be fitted on a wheel loader using a special fixture.

Working width: 1,80 m
Weight: 140 kg
Drive: hydraulic
Option: Material collector container - 160 L volume

Photogallery Clean Sweeper:


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