Paver Joint Filling device "Mini" 2.0

Presented in 2002,

The Optimas “Mini” paver joint filling device is perfectly-suited for inserting jointing material in paver joints on small and medium paver surfaces.

Only a completely filled joint transfers force from stone to stone, preventing stone movement and maintains the elasticity of the paver surface.

The two overlapping and rotating brushes massage the jointing material into the paver joints, filling them completely. The compact dimensions of the device permits its use on smaller paver surfaces (terraces, garden paths, drives etc.).

The device can work dry or with a metered volume of water (hose connection directly on the device).

Folding guide grip - makes the device easy to transport, by car if necessary.

The device is fitted with an independent drive. The operator requires little force to push it over the paver surface.

The automatic chain tensioning has a low maintenance requirement, giving your paver surface a long service life.

Cleaning the paver surface with the sweeping machine carries off loose sand and parts of the jointing material between the pavestones.

The Optimas paver filling machine is suitable for subsequently filling the joints with sand and stone chips.



  • Higher placement speeds
  • Considerable time saving
  • Low manpower requirements (1 person)
  • Low repair work
  • Increases quality of outcome
  • Easy to operate
  • Low transport requirements
Working Width: 1.07 m
Weight: 68 kg
Motor: Honda GXV160 H2 (4.0 kw at 3600 U/min)


Unleaded petrol

8 brush sets spread across 2 brush crosses

Hourly output: ca. 100 m²
Water supply: Metered via an external hose
Dimensions: Depth: 72,5 cm 
Height (operation): 96 cm
Height (transport): 57 cm

Photogallery Paver Joint Filling Device "MINI" 2.0