Optimas – Paver Joint Filling Unit for Paving Machine

“Only a completely filled joint will transfer the forces from stone to stone, prevent the displacement of the stones and preserve the elasticity of the paving”. 

The Optimas joint filling unit for the paving machine is ideally suited for brushing of seal material into paving joints on medium-sized and larger paving areas.

Pavestone filling unit is mounted to the paving machine with locking pins within two minutes and without the necessity of any further tools. Due to the extreme manoeuvrability of the paving machine, the seal material can also be applied exactly into the pavestone joints even in curves and at edges. 

Brushing-in of the seal material can be performed both in dry condition and optionally also with the addition of water. As, dependent of the seal material intended for use, the washing-in under addition of water usually delivers the best results, Optimas also offers a water container (1000 litres) as additional equipment.

Overlapping and rotating brushes in cross form ensure for the complete filling of the paver joints with seal material.

Technical data:

Working width 1,70 m
Depth 1,70 m
Height 0,55 m
Weight 110 kg
Option Water container (1000l) & central hose guide into the brushing area.


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