Paver-joint cleaning (Fugenhexe)

Paver Joint Cleaner "Fugenhexe"

10-jet joint-clearance device IDEAL for renovating paved roads, paths, squares and historical sites.

2017 saw Optimas assume the production and distribution of the tried-and-tested Paver joint cleaner.
A custom-designed joint-clearance device for the renovation of paver surfaces in natural stone and concrete. Simple blowing-out of the paver joints with compressed air without passing pedestrians or vehicles being hit by ejected material.

· No water needed
· Integrated splash guard
· Controlled ejection of materials
· Grooves of equal depth
· Protected substructure
· Possible daily output: 500-800 m²

Size: 750 x 360 x 100 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Portable compressor requried: from 4 m³ / min. at 5 - 7 bar