Optimas PlanMatic

Fully Automatic - A perfect Grader

Optimas PlanMatic, a levelling screed for wheel, skid steer and telescope loader, offers a fully automatic mobile system that realises grading tasks on a safe, fast and efficient basis. Typical deployments for PlanMatic are the construction of roads, industrial and park areas, the grading of horse-riding or sports facilities or floor halls.

Due to the combination with Leica PowerGrade system and PlanMatic, the grading can be performed in both forward and backward motion. All system components (laser, cross slope, ultra-sonic) can be combined. With the ultra-sonic sensor, the height above ground, string edge or kerbstone edge is fully automatically determined. Fully automatic side flaps minimise the expenditure for corrections. The levelling screed can be controlled both automatically and manually.   


  • For wheel loader, skid steer and telescope loader
  • Faster installation
  • Low personnel expenditure(1 person)
  • Less correction works
  • Levelling possible both in forward and backward motion
  • The passing of levelling guide bars is not required
  • Low maintenance expenditure
  • Low expenditure for transport
  • All system components
    (laser/cross slope/ultra-sonic) can be combined
  • Quick assembly and disassembly (2 min.)
  • Ultrasonic scanner is automatically guided via reference (string and edge)



Optimas PlanMatic incl. hydraulic bucket

for material transport / handling


Technical Data:

Weight: 780 - 880 kg
Standard Width 2,0 m (special width 2,6 m)
Cylinder Lift 280 mm
Operating Voltage 12 und 24 Volt
Accuracy ±0,4 cm
Miscellaneous • Exchangeable undercutters
• hydraulic side flaps, adjustable 30 cm
(in the TrisonicMode fully automatic)



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