PlanMatic "Basic"

PlanMatic "Basic"

A perfect grader - fully-automatic and laser-controlled- for level, single and double-sided inclines. The cost-performance ratio of the device wins over all.

The Optimas PlanMatic, a levelling screed available as an attachment for wheel, skid and telehoist loaders, represents a fully-automatic mobile system for the safe, quick and efficient screed levelling work.

NEW – available in two basic widths – the work range can be extended by up to 1.2 m using the side flaps and the optionally-available widening extensions.

Basic width 1.40 m

  • Working range – 1.40 to 2.00 m
  • Working range – 1.70 to 2.30 m (with two 0.15 m widening extensions)
  • Working range – 2.00 to 2.60 m (with two 0.30 m widening extensions)


 Basic width 2.00 m

  • Working range – 2.00 to 2.60 m
  • Working range – 2.30 to 2.90 m (with two 0.15 m widening extensions)
  • Working range – 2.60 to 3.20 m (with two 0.30 m widening extensions) 

Dedicated software

  • Only one operating unit – a joystick with a large display – shows the relevant information.
  • Very simple operation.
  • Up to 46 carrier machine settings can be saved.
  • Press-button operation to move the levelling blade in the 0-position.
  • A Leica receiver as standard – the system is also compatible with other components from major manufacturers.


The Optimas PlanMatic performs levelling in both the forwards and reverse modes. Many operators distribute the material roughly (for height and sometimes even in the corners) in forwards movement, whilst achieving the exact height setting in the reverse movement. The levelling screed can be controlled both manually and fully-automatic.


Typical deployment in the levelling of equestrian, sport and tennis surfaces and the levelling of factory floors.




  • For wheel loaders, skid loaders, telehoist loaders and traction haulers (three-point front anchor)
  • Higher placement speeds
  • Low manpower requirements (1 person)
  • Low repair work
  • Levelling in forwards and reverse
  • Compact design means that it can be deployed in narrow sites and indoors.
  • Screeding into the corners
  • Simple operation - short training times
  • Placement in all substrate layers - even ballast
  • No need to use level bars
  • No expensive maintenance
  • Low transport requirements
  • The side flaps are mechanically adjustable
  • Quick assembly and disassembly (2 min.)
  • Quick-change unit for carrier machine (optional)
  • Hydraulic bottom dump shovel (optional): for forwards levelling or material transport as required.
  • Available with width extension sets 2x15 cm and 2x30 cm (optional)



Basic configuration:

  • Joystick with display
  • Two-side mechanically adjustable side flaps
  • Leica MLS 700 laser receiver inc. carry case

Optional equipment:

  • 30 cm width extension set (2 x 15cm)
  • 60 cm width extension set (2 x 30cm)
  • Laser (we recommend): Leica laser with accessories consisting of:
    1 x Leica Rugby 410 Laser (Rod-Eye Plus) / 1 x PlanMatic stand / 1 x Flexilatte
  • Quick release plate for simple fitting to the carrier machine
  • Leica MD40 linear laser receiver inc. carrying case
    Setting range 32 cm - alternative to the MLS720 laser receiver. Linear laser receivers provide a clear operating advantage. They are used to set the correct height from the cabin (i.e. altering the zero point) and determine a new reference height e.g. + 5 cm if too much material is before the levelling blade and must first be pushed away. It is no longer necessary to leave the cabin to set the reference height.
  • Hydraulic bottom dump shovel for forwards levelling or material transport as required.
  • Special coating – RAL – colour tone single colour
Weight: 780 - 880 kg
Width 1,4 m:

Working range without width extension 1.4 – 2.0 m

Width 2,0 m:

Working range without width extension 2.0 -2.6 m

Cylinder stroke: 200 mm device 1,40 m / 300 mm device 2,00 m
Operating voltage: 12 und 24 Volt
Precision: ±0,4 cm

Undercutting blade, can be changed


Photogallery PlanMatic "Basic":

Display assembly of extension kit: