Maxi - Screed

Presented in 1985

Minimizing manual labour, the Optimas grader screed is the ideal tool to prepare a paver surface.

The stable and well-designed construction permits easy laying of the various substrates (sand, ballast, shingle) and precise levelling of the fine screed (sand, chips or similar substrates) up to a width of 7 metres.

With its simple operation, high efficiency and comparatively low cost, the Optimas grader screed belongs on every building site. Its bucket shape and pulling points have been designed to enable a light-weight design which does not lift up when drawn. The continuously-adjustable modular design of the screed set makes it the innovative alternative to the telescope principle, which has never convinced in practice.


  • The modular design provides a continuously-adjustable working width of 0.25 to 7.50 m
  • Continuous height adjustment with scaling on both sides
  • Articulated side flaps make for clean levelling up to the edge
  • Levelling via Optimas level bars (with plug system) or the kerb or gutter stones
  • “Bucket design” makes for a large holding capacity
  • Its bucket shape and pulling points have been designed to enable a light-weight design which does not lift up when drawn.
  • Quick and easy change and fitting of various intermediate parts.
  • Hardened and sharpened spring steel blade
  • Modular design saves space during transport and storage
  • Setting cambers (roof profile) up to 9 %
  • Flexible use on a range of small and large construction sites for coarse and fine screeding
    (e.g. paths, residential roads, parking, industrial premises, harbour projects)
Working width: up to 7,5 m

Intermediate pieces available in the following widths:

4m, 3m, 2,5m, 2m, 1,75m, 1,50m, 1,25m, 1,00m, 0,75m, 0,50m, 0,25m
Set of Wheels: 1 pair with easy-running plastic rollers, variable side flaps (30 cm per side) ground tackle and continuous height adjustment with scaling
Screed rails: Zinc-coated inc. plug connection, available in 4, 3, 2 and 1 m lengths
Adapter / Connector: Required to set the roof profile and connect intermediate parts.
Transport hook:

1 pair for safe transport with wheel loader

Example combination for working widths from 0.25 m – 5.95 m

Intermediate pieces: 3m, 1.50m, 0.75m, 0.50m, 0.25m
Screed rails: 1 pair
Adapter: 2 pieces
Transport hook: 1 pair
Screed rails: 60 m (12 x 4 m; 4 x 2 m; 4 x 1 m)

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