Parking bay of 5m fitting perfectly, levelled in one run, left wheel on kerb right wheel on gutter.

Optimas – Maxi Screed

Optimas Maxi Screed is the perfect tool to prepare a surface intended for paving. The continuously adjustable modular construction is the innovative alternative to the telescopic principle, which has failed to prove itself in practice.

The well-conceived design enables the clean emplacement of the various base courses (sand, grit, gravel), as well as the precise stripping of the fine level (sand, chips, or similar subgrades) up to a width of 7 metres.

The extremely simple handling, the high degree of efficiency at a comparably very cost-efficient price makes the Optimas Maxi Screed a tool which should be present on all paving sites. 


  • Working width of 0,25 to 7,50 m continuously adjustable due to modular design
  • Continuous height adjustment with scaling on both sides
  • Clean stripping due to movable side flaps right up to the edge
  • Grading performed via Optimas levelling guide bars 
    (with connector system) or via kerbstone or gutter stone edges
  • Large holding capacity due to the „bucket design“
  • Simple and fast mounting, respectively exchange of various intermediate parts
  • Hardened and sharpened spring steel blade
  • Less space required for transport or storage due to the modular design
  • Setting of the cant (top profile) up to 9 %
  • Versatility due to the possibility to deploy the device both on minor and large sites for both the raw grade and the fine level (e.g. for footpaths, residential streets, parking areas, industrial areas, harbour projects)

Technical data

Intermediate Pieces 4m, 3m, 2,5m, 2m, 1,75m, 1,50m, 1,25m, 1,00m, 0,75m, 0,50m, 0,25m
Drive mechanism 2 wheels systems with side flaps
Screed rails 12 x 4 m, 4 x 2 m, 4 x 1 m (60 m)
Adapter/Connectors on demand
Transport hooks 1 x pair


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