Especially suitable for landscape gardeners for the levelling of lawns or covering seedbeds.

7-year guarantee (not wear parts).

The Egaliner distributes and levels a range of materials such as shingle or wood chips quickly and easily.
It also produces a quick finish of the screed for paved surfaces.

  • The pulling force can be set individually
  • Lateral continuous height-adjustment, removable wheels. 

Available in two different working widths:
Egaliner - 120
(working width: 700 to 1,200 mm)
Egaliner - 210 (working width: 1,200 to 2,100 mm)


  2 x height-adjustable exterior roller sets
Working width: 700 to 1.200 mm
Unladen weight: 22 kg


  2 x height-adjustable exterior roller sets
2 x roller unit
Working width: 1.200 to 2.100 mm
Unladen weight: 29 kg

Photogallery Egaliner 120:

Photogallery Egaliner 210:


Film Egaliner 120: