This multi-talent is deployed for the transport of pallets (1.600 kg) with pallet widths of up to 1.320 mm and the weightless laying of up to 140 kg heavy concrete and natural stone elements with the integrated vacuum tube lift technology.

The material intended for processing (curbstones, gutter stones, slabs, etc.) is transported and can be laid, light as a feather, with the vacuum tube lifter. This combination warrants for ideal logistics and consequently for cost-effective working and also represents a very effective health protection measure for your employees.

Vacu-Pallet-Mobil disposes of an undercarriage with two rubber tracks. This feature also qualifies it for work in rough terrain. 

A folding extension arm enables the smooth laying on sites with limited space, e.g. at house walls or tree rows.

The mast can hydraulically be balanced within an instant in order to be able to exactly position even very heavy concrete elements precisely on uneven sites.
The mast can be folded easily by just one man within a few minutes. As there is virtually no setting-up time required, it is a very compact unit for transport and storage purposes. 
Due to the compact dimensions, it can also easily be transported by car using a trailer.

The suction plates, due to a simple quick-change system, can be exchanged very fast and easily.


Petrol Engine Honda IGX 440, 1-cyl., 15 hp,

11,2 KW with electric starter and hour counter
Load Capacity Boom: 140 kg
Load Capacity Pallet Fork:

1.600 kg

Dead Weight: 1.150 kg
Transport Dimensions: L 2.260 x B 1.850 x H 2.100 mm

Swing Range of the Crane Boom: 360° at an operational radius of 3,0 m