Easy lifting and stacking of old slabs.

Vacu-Mobil E

It serves for the weightless, exact, and cost-effective laying of natural stone and concrete elements up to a weight of 140 kg. The vacuum is generated on a low-noise basis by an electrical engine.

It is suited for kerbstones, concrete slabs, natural stone slabs, large pavement elements, gutter stones, bricks, …etc.

A folding extension arm enables the smooth laying on sites with limited space, e.g. at house walls or tree rows.
As it is equipped with 4 hydraulically controlled outriggers, the unit is very easy to balance and brought to a safe stand. 
The mast can be folded easily by just one man within a few minutes. As there is virtually no setting-up time required, it is a very compact unit for transport and storage purposes. 
The suction plates, due to a simple quick-change system, can be exchanged very fast and easily.

Technical Data:

Hydraulics Pump: 3 Phases 400 Volt, 0.37 kW, 210 bar max.
Vacuum Pump:

3 Phases 400 Volt, 2.2 kW, 0,65 bar max. underpressure

Load Capacity Boom: 140 kg
Weight: 500 kg
Transport Dimensions: L 2260 x W 1000 x H 2100 mm
Miscdellaneous: Swing Range of the Crane Boom: 360° at an operational radius of 3.0 m