Optimas Vacu-Mobil-Allrounder

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  • Using its integrated vacuum hose lifting technology, the Allrounder performs pallet transport and weightless, exact and economical paver laying for concrete and natural stone elements of up to 140 kg. Suitable for kerbstones, concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, washed-out concrete pavers, large pavers, gutter pavers, wall stones etc.

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The working materials (kerbstones, gutter stones, pavers etc.) can be handled and laid easily... more

The working materials (kerbstones, gutter stones, pavers etc.) can be handled and laid easily using the vacuum hose lifter. This guarantees economical working practices and protects the health of your staff. Landscape gardeners in particular value the compact dimensions of the device for which no entrance is too narrow and every location is accessible.

The compact design of this device means that it can be transported on a car trailer.


  • Flexible deployment
  • Simple operation
  • Quick amortization
  • Healthy working practices
  • Motivated workers

Laying pavers and slabs with the Optimas Vacuum tube lifter
Joints spacing aid - additional module for suction pads
Paving stones and slabs safely laid with the proper "distance"
Further information here

Clamping devices „Ankerfix AP/Solo“
Slabs of concrete or natural stone safely laid with shifting protection (anchor technology) by using Optimas clamping devices. 
Further information here

The Vacu-Mobile Allrounder has a chassis with 2 rubber tracks. This ensures, that it can also be... more

The Vacu-Mobile Allrounder has a chassis with 2 rubber tracks. This ensures, that it can also be maneuvered in difficult terrain.

Foldable crane arm enables smooth laying on confined construction sites, e.g. on house walls or rows of trees.

The 4 hydraulically controlled supporting legs make it very easy to balance the machine and bring it to a safe stand.
Due to the very compact design no passage is too narrow.

The mast can be folded very easily by one person in a few minutes.  This results in a very compact device for transport and storage with almost no set-up time. The compact dimensions make it easy to transport with a car trailer.

Suction pads can be exchanged very quickly and conveniently by means of a simple quick-change system.
Suction pads available for all curbs, gutter stones as well as slabs and stone elements made of concrete or natural stone up to 200 kg.

Vacuum suction pads for up to 12 paving stones or slabs at a time (depending on size) are available. Even 12 stones up to 140 kg can be installed effortlessly.

New: Suction pads that lift 2 rows of stones and shift them into ½ stone or 1/3 stone bond with a shifting mechanism.

Slewing range of the crane arm: 360 ° with a working radius of 3.0 m (9,8 ft)
Engine: Petrol engine Vanguard 400; 10.4 kW; 14 hp
Lifting capacity jib arm: 140 kg (with a shortened range of 2.75 m (9 ft.) - 170 kg (375 lbs); at 2.48 m (8 ft.) - 200 kg (441 lbs)
Transport dimensions: L 2800 x W 1.050 (790) x H 2100 mm
Dead weight: 900 kg (1,984 lbs)
Scope of application: Paving
Type of product: Machine

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