H-paver installation with Optimas Multi6 clamp. - Paving by excavator with the Opimas clamp.
Paving by excavator with the Opimas clamp.

Paver Clamp attached to Excavator 

The versatile hydraulic clamp can also be mounted within mere minutes to various other carriers. These may be excavators wheel loaders, backhoes, forklifts, special machines etc. The suspension at the carrier vehicle and the hydraulics control system are accordingly adjusted. The subsequent funcional scope and principle is identical with the clamp of the paver laying machine. 

The hydraulic clamp can be continuously adjusted to all pavestone formats, stone positions, and pavestrone thicknesses. And can shift rectangular and square stones into the running bond pattern.

The hydraulic clamp represents an ideal entry-model into machine-assisted paving … a later attachment of the same to the Optimas pavestone paving machine is possible!

Optimas – all gripper systems from one source.

These are:

Optimas Paver clamp „Multi6“                                       Optimas Paver Clamp „Easy1“
(6 gripper arms with 6 cylinders)                                 (2 gripper arms with 1 cylinder)


 We will gladly give you competent advice on which system is best suited for your requirements.



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