Paver clamp Multi 6 (laying machine)

A paver clamp for all uses. This can be set to all pavestone formats, positions and thicknesses with only a few actions and no need for special tools.


There are so many different concrete pavestones available on the market, that it is no longer possible to keep track.

This raises the question as to whether a single paver clamp is sufficient for the countless plate forms with their different thicknesses and package sizes? Our answer is clear: Yes! Whilst other manufacturers rely on providing up to five or more different models, we have designed a single system clamp to meet all your possible needs.

This can be set to all pavestone formats, positions and thicknesses with only a very few actions and no need for special tools.

Reduce effort to a minimum.

…. and with these advantages:

Flexible deployment

  • Pavestone positions of 0.6 m² to 1.5 m² can be processed without problem.
  • The Multi 6 paver clamp clamps thin pavestones of 4.0 cm or thick (24.0 cm) pavestones and a range of pavestone cluster sizes and volumes from 130 kg to 550 kg.
  • The clamp can deal with uneven pavestone groups as easily as it clamps even groups.
  • The Multi 6 moves the pavestones into the running bond pattern easily, regardless of whether the rectangular paver has been laid correctly or not.
  • Even anti-slip pavestones can be moved into the running bond pattern easily.
  • Pavestones in herring bone pattern with or without half stones are laid without problem.
  • Whether concrete or brick pavers, the clamp does its job without any trouble.

Protects your materials

  • The intelligent 6-arm clamping technology means that only 60 bar hydraulic pressure is required. Clamping protects the transport of the pavestones.

Our successful experience shows: many of the Optimas paver clamps have already laid some 100,000 m² of pavers without any trouble. This proves our worth and the advantages of products “made in Germany.”

  • Intelligent 6-arm clamping technology
  • Setting aid
  • Adjustment / movement piece 10 cm

99% of all concrete pavestones are laid using standard equipment. A consultation with the user focuses on the following issues:

  • Pavement stone manufacturer
  • Pavement stone format
  • Laying pattern
Package sizes:

0,6 m² bis 1,5 m²

Stone thicknesses: 4,0 cm bis 24,0 cm
Stone weight: bis 550 kg
Unladen weight: 185 kg
Hydraulic pressure"clamping": 60 bar

Photogalery Paver Clamp Multi6 (Laying Machine):