Optimas Laying Machine H99

To be an international market leader takes something special.

Optimas is proud to present the most up-to-date paver laying machine:
The H99 - ergonomic.

Economical High-performance

Our H99 paver laying machine represents the product of forty years of experience. We know what construction sites of all sizes need and remain in constant contact with end users to ensure that we meet all their needs.

The great majority of our paver laying machines are made-to-measure, so as to fulfil all customer needs in terms of features (clamp and cabin) and finish.

Extremely fast, the H99 paver laying machine puts down paving with a top-quality finish in record time, thereby making for effective and satisfying working.

Whether on small or large building sites, the perfect combination of a 2-axle pivot plate control and a continuous clamp rotation clamp gear makes for optimal working practices. Whether for operation in an underground car park or for taking stones from a height of 2.60 m - everything is possible.

The reliability and effectiveness of the H99 makes worker shortages a thing of the past.

The advantages of the H99:

  • Simple operation with an open vehicle design.
  • The practical cabin* with a sinkable front windscreen for fresh air intake and good communication with other workers.
  • A comfortable air-sprung heated driver’s seat*, LED cabin lighting, an infinitely-variable heating system* and a large rear mirror (can be heated as an option).
  • Easy to operate with best results and low effort requirements; work up to 8-hour shifts in complete comfort.
  • A tried-and-tested geometry makes for great manoeuvrability.
  • Both stable and agile, even during an extreme change in the balance point.
  • Excellent illumination of the work area whether by day or night.
  • A long life span makes for quick amortization
  • Great effectiveness for companies – makes for easy working.
  • The H99 is quick... with optimal site organization, the operator can lay pavers in 20-second cycles.
  • Can lay over 1000 m² per day

NEW: The Optimas H99 – the first paver laying machine in the world with optional joystick steering

Our new joystick steering integrated in an arm rest - an absolute highlight.

This feature relieves the driver when required to perform frequent working cycles and provides the following advantages:

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Simple and easy steering
  • Exceptional comfort and control
  • Free view of all lay edges (no steering column)
  • Relaxed sitting position
  • Less-tiring working practices


Basic configuration:

  • Multi6 paver clamp
  • Setting aid
  • Joystick operation
  • Semi-automatic
  • Sliding aid
  • Steering column, can be set
  • The foot pedal can be set
  • Seat, can be set
  • Kohler LDW1404 4-cylinder diesel motor
  • The hydrostatic drive can be set with throttle valve
  • 2-axle pivot plate control
  • Storage / on-board tools
  • RAL 2004 paint (pure orange) powder covering
  • Bottle holder
  • 12 volt connection on the steering column
  • Central lubrication system
  • Hour counter, cycle counter
  • rpm indicator
  • Wide tyres

We are happy to tailor your machine to fit your needs.

Why not chose an equipment package with price advantage.

Chose from the following packages:


  •  Cabin: Front windscreen can be opened. Enclosed with safety glass. Interior cabin lighting, foot mat.
  •  Heating with 2-stage fan.
  •  Continuous clamp rotation gear.
  •  Automatic: all clamp functions are performed automatically.
  •  Two-stage boom – work in the underground car park and clamping of 2 packages.
  •  Headlight package (2 front and 2 rear lights).
  •  Beacon light, yellow.
  •  Radio inc. loudspeaker and antennae.
  •  Mobile telephone bracket.

(Package price only with order with "exclusive" package)

  • Comfort seat with air suspension and heated seat.
  • Radio with Bluetooth hands-free unit.
  • Headlight package (2 front working and 2 rear lights).
  • 1 pair of heated outside mirrors.

(Package price only with order with "exclusive" package)

  • All-wheel drive.
  • Anti-slippage can be switched.

Optionally available:

  • Special coating
    Paintwork in all RAL tones 1 and 2 colour possible.
    We are happy to deliver your paver machine in your company colours.
  • Loading lugs
    Transport bracket fixed to the boom.
    Permits crane loading.
  • Joystick steering
    Simple and intuitive operation, integrated in the left-hand arm rest.
  • Particulate filter (complies with TRGS554).


The Multi6 paver clamp comes as standard. This can be set to all pavestone formats,
positions and thicknesses with only a very few actions and no need for special tools.
Further information:


Technical data:

Height: 1.970 mm
Length: 3.900 mm
Width: 1.350 mm
Weight: 1.300 kg
Lifting capcity: 700 kg

4 cylinder, water-cooled diesel motor with electric heating, 17.4 kW (23.7 PS)
(under 19 kW - can be used in environment zone), soundproofed, oil cooler; hydrostatic drive with single pedal control, fully-hydraulic 2-axle pivot plate control, rear axle with single wheel pendulum suspension, hydrostatic parking brake; 45 l diesel tank, RAL 2004 paint, powder covering, CE – marking.

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