Optimas – Material-Spreader„Finliner“ 

Optimas Finliner is an attachment for wheel loader and other construction machines. Hydraulic drive is combinable with all common machines, material loading works as with usual buckets. Remarkable advantage is quite easy and consistent distribution of e.g. concrete, sand, gravel, grit, topsoil etc. through a conveyor belt. Exact dosage is controlled with conveyor belt-or drive speed of carrier vehicle.

Application areas are mainly distribution of foundation-and concrete backrest, banding or filling of ditches and canals at line-construction.


  • Time saving
  • Material saving
  • Exact dosage
  • Construction machine is running parallel to the banding.


Technical data:

Capacity: 1,0 m³
Bucket width: 2,0 m
Length conveyor belt: 2,50 m
Weight: 690 kg



Fast and pinpoint distribution.

Optional available with slide:
With slide unloading point is relocated approx. 60 cm outwards.
Easy mounting-and dismounting.


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