Hydraulic-Kerb Clamp as attachment for various construction machines. - The hydraulic curbstone clamp attached to an excavator.
The hydraulic curbstone clamp attached to an excavator.

Kerb Clamp hydraulic
mounted to Carrier Vehicle

Upon request, the hydraulic kerb clamp will be delivered together with the according quick-change device. This warrants fast and uncomplicated mounting of the clamp to the carrier device. Possibly required special equipment (e.g. the optional 360° hydraulic rotator) and all further important details will be coordinated with the customer before delivery. 

The kerbs are directly assumed from the packet and then laid. The previously necessary distribution of the kerbstones is no longer necessary. This does not only reduce the high cost of labour but also reduces the physical strain of the work considerably. The simple operation of the device enables an impressing output per man-hour. 

The kerb clamp is both suited for the laying of concrete and granite kerbstones as well as for gutter stones (up to 7 pieces per work step).

With the deployment of an additional adaptor, it is possible to lay special sizes up to 1.40 m. It is also suited to lay curved kerbstones.


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