Vacuum device „BE“ on Paver Laying Machine

The Optimas “BE” vacuum device is a vacuum device designed for use with the paver laying machine for laying concrete and granite kerbstones and concrete and granite pavers or gutter stones.

The vacuum device simple to mount on the boom of the Optimas and is then ready to use. The functions “Suction and Release” are triggered directly by the driver.

The driver can work alone to lift the kerbstones directly from the package and then set them down directly at the desired position. The kerbstones do not need to be distributed beforehand. This not only reduces personnel costs, but minimizes heavy working practices. Simple operating produces enormous hourly output.

Simple replacement of the suction plate makes the vacuum device suitable for laying both concrete and natural stone kerbstones as well as gutter stones (up to seven pcs in a single work step). 

Also suitable for laying concrete and natural stone pavers and other concrete and natural stone elements.


  • Makes work easier
  • Saves time
  • Low manpower requirements
  • Universally deployable for concrete and granite elements
  • Simple fitting

For further vacuum devices are available under the point “vacuum technology”.

Unladen weight: 70 kg
Dimensions: 540 x 630 x 550 mm
Load capicity: max. 600 kg - depends on type Paver laying machine Suction plate

Photogallery Vacuum device "BE" on Paver Laying Machine: