Formwork System

Presented in 2005.

For laying gutter and kerbstone foundations. This formwork system facilitates affordable yet high-quality work.

The formwork system permits a performance improvement of up to 32%.
There are a number of tried-and-tested machines and accessories for the rational and economic laying of concrete pavers. When it comes to laying gutter or kerbstones, the concrete foundation requires a whole lot of improvisation. Working with those in the industry, Optimas has developed a mechanized frame system to save time, money and material.

Laying kerbstone foundations. This frame system facilitates affordable yet high-quality work.
After calibrating the height of the cord on the anti-freeze layer, the aluminium frame profile (available in lengths of 0.5 / 1.25 and 3.0 m) is set up on both sides in only a few minutes, using frame profile supports. The levelling is performed millimetre-perfect using height-adjustable supports. Then the concrete is filled.

To lay the gutter stone foundation (on the road side), the frame is once again established; concrete is poured and levelled with the Optimas concrete screed. The concrete screed runs along the upper edge of the kerbstone on height-adjustable rollers and is supported on the other side by the frame.


  • Considerable time saving
  • Up to 25 % material saving
  • Simple operation

Basic equipment for 60 m formwork
Consisting of:
29 profile support (height-adjustable);
16 Formwork profile 3 m x 0.15 m;
8 Formwork profile 1.25 m x 0.15 m; 
4 Formwork profile 0.50 m x 0.15 m;

(All formwork profiles zinc-coated)
1 Packing unit / formwork box, can be closed 3.0 m x 0.9m x 0.5 m.