Spreader shovel for wheel loader

Spreading shovel

Presented in 2001,

The Optimas spreading shovel is the ideal attachment for wheel, skid and telehoist loaders to

spread a range of materials such as chips and ballast etc. equally across a surface.



The device is suitable for the exact distribution of material to make up a fine screed and to distribute the joint material on freshly-plastered surfaces. A 1,200 m² surface can be covered in 30 minutes. A further advantage of the exact metering is the considerable time which it saves with the subsequent work steps such as sanding, sluicing or levelling. The greater the distribution precision, the faster the work will be completed.

The distribution volume per surface is metered with the drive speed and the variable oil pressure.

A special vibration unit prevents “tunnel formation” with damp material (e.g. soil).

The distribution width can be reduced to 1 m as an option.

We can also provide a quick release plate suitable for your wheel loader.


  • Higher placement speeds
  • Considerable time saving
  • Low manpower requirements (1 person)
  • Low repair work
  • Exact distribution of materials such as sand, chips, soil and ballast etc.
  • No maintenance costs
  • Low transport requirements
  • Quick assembly and disassembly (2 min.)
  • Easy to operate
Distribution width: 2 m (1 m)
Shovel volume: 1 m³
Weight: 380 kg (without quick release plate)
Drive: hydraulic

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