We are committed to your success!

We, at Optimas, see ourselves and take pride in to be a manufacturer of high-quality products. We therefore prefer to rely on an own production to make sure our customers receive „good workmanship“. Regular vocational training and advanced training courses for our staff members, as well as the deployment of modern technology for our production, are our answer to meet the high demands of our customers. 

One major advantage of our high level of in-house production-depth, next to the capability to monitor and control the quality of our products ourselves, is our capability to react fast and in an extremely customer-oriented manner to any special individual requirements any of customers might have.

Based on this very customer-oriented approach, the majority of our paving machines are manufactured under consideration of various customer-provided specifications, e.g. regarding the clamp arrangement, cabin equipment, or even a customer-specific coating, which are directly and immediately realised within the production itself. The subsequently generated machine is therefore ready for the respective customer’s paving site the very moment it is delivered.