Optimas stands for innovative technology and engineering with foresight.

Committed to serving our customers, we design and construct practice-oriented and effective solutions. The key factor for our success is a staff with a comprehensive professional training and a high level of motivation to contribute to finding and producing the best possible solution for the customer. This includes the following objectives:

  • The consistent specialisation and focus on products for the “rationalisation and humanisation of work sequences on paving sites“
  • The developmentof market-oriented innovative products in cooperation with our customers through constant evaluation of feedback
  • The deployment of most modern technology and a high level of in-house production-depth
    in order to generate a high-quality state-of-the-art product
  • The provision of an overall comprehensive support of our customers worldwide, which includes advice, demonstrations, technical services and training

These are the “guidelines“ we follow and they have made us the world market leader in this segment which qualifies us to be your “Contact Number 1 “ in all matters concerning paving.