Optimas: A vision finds a firm footing …..

The enterprise Optimas was founded in 1978 by the Graduate Engineer,Mr. Harald Kleinemas in Saterland-Ramsloh. The medium sized successful mechanical engineering enterprise is now headed by the son, Graduate Engineer, Mr. Friedrich Kleinemas.

The very beginning of the enterprise was initated when Mr. Harald Kleinemas, the founder felt himself compelled to pave in his own garden. Deeply impressed by “hard work” connected with the venture, he started to develop ideas on how mechanically facilitate the work as such to reduce the physical strain and, on the other hand, to make the whole process more efficient. A few months later, the drawings for a first paving machine prototype were completed. In order to get the production and the marketing of the new idea on the way, the company Optima was subsequently founded. 

The first paving machine, designated as T33, was still designed and constructed at home in the garage. From the very beginning on, it was clear that Mr. Harald Kleinemas had developed a well-working solution for deployment at paving sites.

Further developments were the result of many meetings with manufacturers of concrete pavers in order to improve the effectiveness of the mechanical paving machine. The main arguments for the machine, namely saving time and money, paired with diligence and stamina, Mr. Harald Kleinemas was able to concvince all along the line. Assisted by his wife Ruth, he succesfully developed the company to a growing medium-sized enterprise that is committed to providing solutions fort he rationalisation and humanisation of the work on paving sites.

Today, the Optimas Maschinenfabrik H. Kleinemas GmbH stands out with a gloabal service and distribution network and a production plant with 13.400 m² of hall space and can look back upon many years of market leadership within the sector for „machines directed at the rationalisation and humanisation of paving sites“. In other words, the "Paving Technology Specialist".