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Optimas H99

ergonomic, ecological, powerful!

Most modern Paver-Laying Machine worldwide.

Optimas H99 represents the most modern paver laying technology which we are able to offer to our customers worldwide.

Due to its simplicity in regard to the handling, the H99 enables a high work pace, respectively a daily output of several hundred up to 1.000 square metres and more of any kind of pavers, regardless whether these are footpaths or open surfaces! The excellent flexibility of the machine not only enables even the paving of the smallest environments (e.g. for private garden footpaths or drives) but also the rapid paving of larger areas or whole premises (e.g. parking areas, company premises, container compounds etc.).

By changing motor control, power has been reduced from 26kW to 17,4kW.

This change in combination with stronger main hydraulic pump (plus 60% hydraulic flow) offers following advantages:

  • Less fuel consumption
  • 20% more powerful
  • Engine works much quieter (100% power already at 2.700 rpm)
  • Less wearout, longer lifetime of engine
  • Machine can be operated without any restrictions in environmental / green zones because engine is under 19kW.


NEW: Optimas Paver Laying Machine Type H99
world’s first with joystick steering system.

New and unique option integrated to left seat armrest.

This feature significantly relieves the driver of frequent work cycles and provides following advantages:

  • simple and intuitive operation
  • more convenient and comfortable steering
  • warrants unbetable comfort and unique machine control
  • free visibility to laying edge (no steering column)
  • relaxed sitting position
  • less tiring working


Data and Details:

Generous cabin with an unlimited 360° view. Adjustable steering column, seat with ideal ergonomics.
Optional special equipment: integrated heating, radio, comfort seat, and many other special features.

Simple handling due to fully automatic control. Extreme manoeuvrability and static stability due to independent wheel suspension.

Ideal function is warranted by unobstructed view and close proximity to the laying edge. High gripping reliability, easy and fast to adjust.

Technically state-of-the-art due to faster-action hydraulics which permits for rapid motion sequences. The cabin is vibration-free and well noise –protected, respectively quiet, as it is suspended on rubber buffers.

Powerful performance due to a 4-cylinder engine with 18,9 kW (26 hp).
Load Capacity: 700 kg

Modern Design … upon request, we will even coat your machine in your company colours

Maintenance-low design, all components are easy to access.  

Combined turntable/ articulated steering which has the advantage of being able to perform steering motions and fast turns without the generation of lateral shear forces on to the freshly laid paver area (the pavestones will not be displaced).

Paver Clamp – all gripper systems from one source.

We will give you competent advice in regard to which system is best-suited for your individual requirements. The available options are:

   Optimas Paver Clamp „Multi6“                                      Optimas Paver Clamp „Easy1“
   (6 gripper arms with 6 cylinders)                   or             (2 gripper arms with 1 cylinder)

Technical data:

Height 1.970 mm
Length 3.900 mm
Width 1.350 mm
Weight  1.300 kg 
Further Data Diesel engine, 4 cylinders, water-cooled with electrical ventilation, 17,4 kW (23,7 hp), noise-insulated, hydrostatic traction drive with one-pedal steering control, fully hydraulic four-wheel turntable/articulated steering, rear suspension with independent pendulum wheel suspension, hydrostatic locking brake; tank capacity 45 litres diesel, coating according to RAL 2004 powder-coated, CE-certified



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